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Registration Dates

February 5th, 2024 to April 26, 2024

LATE Registrations

Late registrations will not be addressed until the first week of soccer is completed

The Valley East Soccer Club (VESC) has up to the first four (4) games, two (2) weeks of the season to make player changes to their teams in order to promote and encourage fair play.


If you are registering in the girls' only divisions U8 to U18 ONLY, and have not played with the VESC in the 2023 season, you will receive a 50% discount off your registration fee. Please note that this discount will be refunded back to you before the soccer season ends.

Please click on the "About" section on our website ( for more details in regard to discounts.

Friend Requests

We will also be accepting the request for ONE friend for the 2024 season. Please indicate the name of the requested player on the registration form by entering the first and last name of the child you wish to request in the friend request field. Please confirm with parent the proper spelling of their child's name. Friend requests will NOT be granted due to spelling errors. Requests to be made with a friend will only be accommodated if a mutual request is made and both players are in the same division.

We will not be accepting friend requests over Facebook Messenger. If the mutual request does not work on the registration form, please email the club at

Important Dates

June Festival: June 22, 2024

Playoff Week/Weekend: Tuesday, August 6th until Sunday, August 11th, 2024.

Please note there will not be any games on:

Sunday June 30th, Monday July 1st, and Monday August 5th.

Refund Policy
Refunds for the 2024 season will only be granted during the first two weeks of the VESC season for injuries or medical reasons ONLY. Any other refund requests are not guaranteed but will be dealt with on an individual basis by the VESC Board Members and will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

Please note: if you register in the wrong division, the player will be removed and a spot is not guaranteed in their respective division.

Please visit to view the Constitution before registering your child.


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